The Database offering available through Inovocom, assists in the productivity of your business. Most small to medium sized businesses that go up against the monopolies of this world need a leg up to help them gain traction against the big business. These product options contribute to bringing data information straight to the members, making sure they are on top of their data and that their news is up to date in order for them to run a profitable business.

Product & Supplier Listings

Supplier Lists & Data

A full contact list of all the preferred suppliers, their contact details, as well as, branch details is provided to all members. In addition, the closed portal allows only members access so as to obtain the suppliers latest price lists in one central place.

Catalogue Product Data

All products listed in a catalogue are made available on a spreadsheet to members, making it very easy to identify the supplier of product.

Full Product Database

Over and above the catalogue product, we also make our full product database available to member. This includes the full product listing of various suppliers to Office Active, Office Club and Alliance Office Furniture. This data too, can be imported into members accoutning system and other systems as required.

Trade Prices

Suppliers’ trade prices are updates continually and are made available on a spreadsheet for members’ use. Prices are used within our database solution to facilitate the quotation module, allowing members to generate quotations instantly with the correct trade prices and mark-ups.

Did you know?

Our database is hosted in the cloud, allowing updated and new product data to be made available immediately to member’s websites and Revelation Accounting Solution.

Image Library

As a member to a group – Office Active, Office Club or Alliance Office Furniture – you will have access to all product images. This is an automated function available to members, which allows the opportunity to download images of a product seen in the catalogue.

These images are available in full colour, so as to market products further in members’ campaigns, accounting offering and price lists.

Image Library