Branded Email Signatures


  • HTML capabilities of email clients are generally very limited. The file size is usually very large if you want to ensure that the images aren’t pixelated – possibly triggering spam filters and negatively affecting bandwidth usage. Decreasing the image file size may result in the images appearing pixelated.


  • Traditional HTML signature in email chains will add considerable weight as each message in the series includes and adds the full weight of the signature. Our Email Signature Solution removes images in previous messages whilst only adding the full signature on the last email in the chain. This ensures decreased file size, easy navigation and reduced cost when printing.


  • Different computer programs render HTML in different ways and as such the consistency of the appearance of an email might be affected in various ways, resulting in your messages appearing unprofessional.

  • A traditional HTML signature has no intelligent reporting and alert mechanism whereas Inovocom’s Email Signature Solution can give you this information at the press of a button. Monitor who clicks on your banner, use it for promotional purposes and so much more…


  • Inovocom’s Email Signature Solution has central management control for all staff emails whereas HTML signatures are a manual process.