Office Active Annual Conference

The Office Active conference is organised annually in the last quarter of the year, and every year the conference is a thriving success and booked to capacity.

Members and suppliers alike know the value of this conference, as it is at this time that the best deals can be struck, not to mention the contacts that can be made and the profitable networking it can afford both parties.

Top management from key supplier companies attend the conference, only to mingle with our members.

Special once-off “on the day” deals and promotions are also made available at the conference, while trading terms and conditions with suppliers can be negotiated and explored.



Why attend the annual conference


  • Networking with like-minded members
  • Face to face time with industry suppliers
  • Great deals, not to be missed
  • Prizes to be won
  • Information on the future on the company in members’ sessions
  • Members get to speak up and share in the direction of the group