Alliance Office Furniture Product Show

Inovocom will be holding a show for furniture
suppliers and manufacturers in the first quarter of every year in order to facilitate exposure and training of their new-to-market and existing products.

This ‘show day’ will also be a foundation
for our Alliance furniture selectors to
review strategic products on display so
that ranges can be updated in the next
furniture catalogue. We will be encouraging all Alliance Office Furniture members (and possibly some targeted non-affiliated resellers from the trade) to attend this event so that you can expose your products to them.

This event will also be used as a platform for Alliance Office Furniture members to hold a closed session where discussion around direction of the group and the physical product selection meeting will be held. Please contact us fo further specifics relating to the ‘Furniture Show and Product Selection’.

Why attend the furniture product show


  • Networking with like-minded members
  • Face to face time with industry suppliers
  • Great deals, not to be missed
  • Prizes to be won
  • Information on the future on the company in members’ sessions
  • Members get to speak up and share in the direction of the group