About Inovocom

Inovocom is an independent marketing dealer group, representing three individual segment groups. Dealer groups in the office products arena are an international trend and materialised when the single stationer found himself competing against the likes of monopolies and large franchises. Inovocom allows independent businesses to belong to a body that emphasises the individual stationer’s interests without compromising their uniqueness.

Inovocom provides marketing support, tools and benefits to independent stationers & office furniture businesses that might not be able to accomplish on their own.

Inovocom members do not surrender their identity or trading name, while benefiting from belonging to a group that emphasises their individual business’ interests. Inovocom currently boasts over 100 members throughout Southern Africa. With all three group segments, the underlying principal remains: Keeping independents exactly that… Independent!

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Our Mission 

Inovocom strives to grow and improve the purchasing interaction between the independent office products reseller and the office product consumer market with the support of leading industry suppliers and manufacturers. Inovocom’s aim is to be the largest independently owned network of stationery, office furniture, office automation and office related services to resellers and their customers in sub-Saharan Africa.

Conducting best practice marketing, end-user engagement and heightened sales, coupled with and unmatched level of expertise, support and technology to our independent networks so they may engage in worthwhile business with their customers.

If the thought of joining an experienced and dedicated dealer group appeals to you, please contact us for a confidential discussion.