Members Websites

In this day in age it is vital for any business to have a web presence, to be a click away from customers who know how to make use of the internet. A website allows customers to save time and effort by being able to merely click their mouse. They need to be assured though, that their order is on its way.

Often businesses leave their websites neglected, lacking a message, or worse, communicating stale content and this needs to be avoided. All members of Inovocom have access to their own user-friendly website, immediately gaining an online presence with their own domain.

The integrated system from Inovocom allows members to maintain control over their e-business, without the hassle of constantly capturing new data.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Inovocom mange the data and images, members manage the website
  • Automatic updates
  • Websites are supported by our online product database
  • Create your own web content – you are in control!
  • Products are identical to those in the printed catalogue
  • Powered web layout is optional

Member website