Office Active

What is Office Active?                                         

Office Active membership is aimed at providing the larger and established stationers, yet require marketing and support solutions at a manageable cost.

The monthly investment allows members to grow their business to their full potential, beyond the industry average.

To qualify for Office Active membership in South Africa, a stationer must have an established business of at least three years, an annual turnover of R9 million and have trading facilities in place with key suppliers to the industry.

Membership to the Office Active group is exclusive, as the number of membership licenses permitted in a region is restricted and stringently adhered to, making Office Active the exclusive dealer group to belong to. The requirements to join this group can be discussed in a one-on-one meeting


  Membership Requirements:

  • An established business of minimum three years
  • Minimum turnover of R9 million per annum
  • Existing contracts in place with large suppliers

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