Google Adwords- Frequently Asked Questions

What is Google AdWords?

Google has developed a system to assist in the marketing of products and/or services in the Google Search engine. Basically, Google AdWords is a service that enables you to advertise your services on Google. Google adverts appear when people search for keywords that are related to your business.

How does Google AdWords assist my business?

It is a great tool to:

  • increase website traffic
  • increase business sign-ups
  • increase quotation requests
  • exposes your company on Google

How does Google charge me?

Google uses a “pay-per-click” system, meaning that you can decide where your advert appears by bidding for a series of phrases or keywords. You only pay the amount you bid when someone clicks your advertisement. This is known as “pay-per-click” or “cost-per-click”.

If my client goes directly to the website?

There is no charge if a client goes directly to your website to make enquiries. You are only charged for clicks generated through your advert. If someone clicks on your advert, you pay.

What if my advert is not clicked on?

An impression is when someone views the advert but does not click on it. Impressions are not charged for. You are only charged when someone views the advertisement and clicks on it.

Can I see who visited my site?

Unfortunately not! You are only able to see the number of click-throughs to your site but not exactly who has clicked on your website and paid a visit.

Why would we not appear?

Your advert might not appear every time you do a search because quite simply, Google rotates the adverts. The hits you might get on a first search will not necessarily be the same as the results you will get from a second search. The results from your first search might therefore differ from the results from your second search.

Google determines the positioning and the different times that the advert appears, based on an auction/bidding system which is calculated by the relevancy of the advert and the cost per click that you are currently spending on your keywords.

Google does give you preference but only for the searches that your adverts are relevant to. It gives those with a smaller budget an opportunity to be found in a search.

Quote requests from Google AdWords are not converting into sales, why?

Google AdWords works as lead generator to drive traffic to your site. More traffic does not necessarily  guarantee quote requests

The responsibility of the sales process lies completely with you. That is how you’ll guarantee that leads turn into sales. Google is an open platform, making it very competitive, therefore try a few of the tips listed below to increase your chances of converting your quote requests to sales:

  • Quick follow ups: New generation customers shop around for pricing. They are likely to request three quotes before settling on a decision, meaning you’re competing with two more companies for this business. An aggressive approach is needed here.
  • Try following up on the same day that the quotation was sent, as waiting for customers to give feedback might not work in your favour.
  • Remove all product categories from your website that have no bearing on your business: If you do not stock it or sell it, remove it from your website. This will limit the frustration for both you and the customer when it comes to quote requests on product you do not stock.

Are my campaigns performing?

We provide you with all the monthly reports on how your campaigns are performing and the overall impact the campaign has had on your traffic in a particular month. You are free to log into your account and check your stats yourself. You can then see how your adverts are performing. Another option would be to send us a request email so we can gladly assist you with a report for any of the periods you would like to review.

Do I have to give a notice period to cancel Google AdWords?

There is NO notice period. If you want to discontinue your AdWords service, an email requesting cancellation should suffice.

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