Conference, Events & Training

Office Active Annual Conference

The Office Active conference is organised annually by Inovocom in the last quarter of the year. It is a thriving success and always booked to capacity. The key aim is to provide both members and suppliers with an opportunity to meet and conduct business with the decision makers.

Members and suppliers alike know the value of this conference, as it is at this time that the best deals can be struck, not to mention the contacts that can be made and the profitable networking it can afford both parties.

Top management from key supplier companies attend the conference. Special once-off “on the day” deals and promotions are also made available at the conference, while trading terms and conditions with suppliers can be negotiated and explored.

 Why Attend the Annual Office Active Conference

  • Networking with like-minded members
  • Face-to-face time with industry suppliers
  • Great deals, not to be missed
  • Prizes to be won
  • Informative
  • Members get to speak up and share in the direction of the group

Alliance Office Furniture Product Show

This event facilitates exposure and training of new and existing market products. It is a platform for members to hold a closed session where discussion around direction of the group and the physical product selection meeting will be held.

The show day is also the foundation for the Alliance Furniture selectors to review strategic products on display and ensure that ranges are updated in the next furniture catalogue.

 Why Attend the Alliance Furniture Product Show

  • Connect and network with industry professionals
  • Informative
  • Members get to speak up and share in the direction of the group

Members Training

Training on the Inovocom systems provides members with the aptitude and capability to utilise all the systems to their full capacity. The systems in place are user friendly but we’ve found that training is imperative to gain the full benefits.

The training courses and customised training solutions are highly focused on our systems. Our competent staff at Inovocom train you on the systems available in great detail, making sure you walk away knowledgeable and have gained the skills to run your business with our industry-leading solutions.

The one-on-one training session is conducted at the Inovocom offices and are highly beneficial and insisted upon as it gives those that are being trained some distance from the office, leading to less distraction. This type of training has proven most effective, along with training manuals that are made available online along with useful tips.

 Training Benefits

  • Effective training and ongoing support to the systems
  • Our professionally set up room is dedicated solely for training can accommodate up to six people
  • Utilise systems to gain maximum benefits and capacity
  • Get training, get smart, get sales!