About Us

What is Inovocom all about?

Inovocom is an independent marketing membership dealer group, representing three individual segment groups. We provide marketing support and benefits to independent stationers & office furniture businesses that might not be able to accomplish on their own. Inovocom members do not surrender their identity or trading name, while belonging to a dealer group that emphasises the individual business’ interests.

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Remember it’s your business!

Inovocom provides businesses with the leading marketing tools to increase profitability and sales, however, all decisions on how best to utilise and apply these tools in the business is up to the independent owner. By providing a business with the correct tools, Inovocom levels the playing field for businesses to compete with large corporations, whilst allowing the independent stationer to separate itself from it’s competitors. Furthermore, relationships with suppliers are encouraged. Inovocom’s systems continually evolve, offering members complete integrated solutions. Members make use of new age electronic communication platforms, web solutions and print in an extremely cost effective manner. The entire programme is run by a dedicated support team, always on hand to assist with issues, queries and questions.

“We are always here to help and support your business, but never to dictate how to run your business”

Our Mission

To provide and further develop industry leading marketing tools and initiatives to our customers, at the best price possible offering a return on client’s investments. Inovocom currently boasts over 100 members throughout Southern Africa. With all three group segments, the underlying principal remains: Keeping independents exactly that… Independent!